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we all have a favorite eyebrow

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make me choose: raven darkholme or natasha romanoff

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make me choose:
bradzjames asked: Merlin s1 or Merlin s5

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not all  m o n s t e r s, do  m o n s t r o u s  things.

                l i k e   w h o ?  l i k e   s c o t t .

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star-lord, man…

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good quotes from atla:

  • flameo hotman
  • no fire lord ozai, YOURE not wearing pants!
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i bring you chris and sebastian thinking about pussy

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Ladies, never ever fight over a man. Fight over a job, parking space, your spot in a long line….the last chicken wing. But never over a man. Never.

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what really sucks is when you know you should be doing something but physically cannot bring yourself to do it no matter how important doing that thing is

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"if i was going on a date, who be the better date: captain america or thor?"

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dear cas