I’ve been at the mercy of men just following orders. Never again.

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on a scale of fake pockets to nachos how good is your idea

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Every X-Men Movie Ever

Director: hey look, there's Erik Lensherr
Director: what an asshole
Director: but look, he's actually not that much of an asshole
Director: he's misunderstood
Director: he just wants to help
Director: he's gonna help us fix things today, see, he's not an asshole
Director: PSYCHE
Director: he's a total fucking asshole
Director: did we get you there?
Me: somehow, even after all these years, you totally did
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gifset gift for serpenssortia

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Everyone says they was to see Cap pick up Thor’s hammer in AoU, but everyone knows that Cap’s a good guy.

No, what I want is for Natasha to pick it up. In the heat of battle, and it lands beside her, and she gets cornered so she grabs for a piece of debris to attack with and she just swings it completely without meaning too.

Then she realises that maybe she’s good, maybe she’s wiped out the red in her ledger.

Maybe she’ll realise that she’s a hero.

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parrish: hey lydia u know what this sheriff's uniform is made out of
lydia: don't say it
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                “If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life’s best part.”

Sherlock AU: Sherlock watches John die during a case. As a result, he becomes broken and lost, unable to move on.

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dean + flip phones
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dear cas